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Solar Installers in San Mateo, California

Deciding to install solar panels is a big decision, and finding the right contractor for the job is your first task. When you do a Yelp search for solar installers in San Mateo, California, 89 installation companies pop up! It’s a bit overwhelming. Here is a list of the most reputable solar installers in San Mateo.  Also check out my tips on how to choose a solar installer. Before you lay down the big bucks make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

San Mateo Solar Installers:

Century Roof & Solar - (510) 780-9489 – Century Solar has been serving San Mateo since 1996. The owner, Tony is hands on and makes sure his team is always professional, timely, and detail-oriented.

Cobalt Power - (650) 938-9574 – Cobalt Power, owned and operated by Mark Byington, is a Sun Power affiliate. They handle the entire process, including design, installation, paperwork, handling rebates, and they provide a ten year warranty.

Cal Solar Works - (877) 765-9675 Based out of Hayward, but they have a long list of references in the San Mateo city/county area. They offer a $0 down solar lease program

SolarCity - (888) 765-2489 - Solar City is a larger solar chain company, known for a great solar lease program and other financial packages.

Tips for choosing a solar installer:

  1. 1.       How were they trained in solar installation?
  2. 2.       How long have they been installing solar panels?
  3. 3.       Do they provide warranty?
  4. 4.       Do they subcontract?

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