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Solar Panel Benefits

solar panel benefits

Energy costs are on the rise year after year, making renewable energy sources such as solar panels more and more beneficial financially.  Technological advances over the past decade have made solar panels much more efficient, increasing the environmental benefits as well.

  1. Solar panels generate electricity with ZERO carbon emissions
  2. New solar panels produce 30-50% more energy than the same size panels from a decade ago
  3. Solar panels produce more energy than you think.  Even if you live in a cloudy area, solar panels may still make financial sense for you.
  4. Photovoltaic solar systems pay for themselves in 5-8 years, leaving you with at least 20 years of free electricity (and usually more!)
  5. Solar panels come with 20-25 year warranties
  6. Current state and federal rebates cover around 50% of the cost of the installation
  7. Installations take only 2-3 days
  8. You can design a system that is just right for your home - the size of the system, the placement of the system, and the type of panels used can be chosen to maximize your energy production
  9. (In most states) your property taxes can't increase as a result of installing solar panels
  10. Solar panels require little maintenance (and you can often purchase a low-cost maintenance plan from the installer)
  11. Solar panels can be strategically and subtly placed as to not take away from the beauty of your home
  12. Solar energy itself is 100% free

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