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Solar Panel Companies: Golden Gate Solar Tech, 100% Women-Owned/Minority Company

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Golden Gate Solar Tech is a solar distribution company located in San Francisco, California that aims spread sustainable practice around the globe. They are a 100% women-owned and minority company that sells solar panels, solar inverter boxes, racking systems, and solar raw materials. While they are based in San Francisco, they have provided solar panels to remote areas to enhance lives in third-world countries.

Why They're Keen?

CEO and founder Sabena Suri describes the many ways that Golden Gate Solar stands out from other Solar Panel Distribution Companies: “The fact that my company is 100 % woman-owned gives us an edge... I feel we have a good rapport and understanding with our suppliers as we provide good business to them... We are the providers for equipment to remote villages, third world countries. We are not limited to the domestic market, but reaching out to people who would really benefit from the abundant, free resources available.”

Why They're Green?

All solar distributor and installation companies contribute to the “green” movement, inherently. However, Golden Gate Solar Tech does more than simply distributing products to decrease environmental toxins; Golden Gate Solar expands the reach of solar to remote markets that otherwise would not have ways to harness the sun's electricity. They also promote green business practices throughout their offices, such as using recycled materials when possible and having an office location near public transit.

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