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Ambitious Solar Panel Goals in San Jose California

“San José will become a national solar showcase with cutting-edge demonstration projects, residential and commercial bulk purchasing arrangements, and solar-powered public buildings.” The Green Vision Program in San Jose, California is a city-run initiative program “designed to lead us [San Jose] into a future of economic growth, environmental sustainability and enhanced quality of life for our community.”

Adopted in 2007, San Jose Green Vision includes 11 ambitious goals for environmental sustainability. Those goals include reducing per capita energy use by 50% and receiving 100% of the city's electrical power from clean, renewable sources by 2022.

The program's website explains: “Providing affordable renewable options to all electricity users in San José is an ambitious goal, and it will require both innovation and investment. One means of achieving this goal is through solar energy. [Former] Governor Schwarzenegger has set a goal of 1 million solar roofs for California, and we believe that San José can supply 10 percent of this total. We have the sunshine, and the solar technology innovations being developed here.”

They city will lead by example by slowly converting all city buildings to solar and other renewable energy sources. They will make solar panels more accessible to residents through promoting bulk solar purchases (through organization such as 1BOG) and through community outreach.

Learn more about the program here.

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Top 5 San Jose Solar Panel Installers:

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Cobalt Power

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Akeena Solar

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