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Toyoa Prius, Toyota iQ & Honda Insight Top Green Cars in Germany

NTDTV produced an interesting video listing the top 3 green cars in Germany according to the German Automobile Club.  Two we know of, Toyota Prius & Honda Insight, but what about the Toyota IQ?  This might be the perfect time for an introduction to the KeenForGreen community. 

"As the price of gas remains high many are turning to more environmentally friendly options. The German Automobile Club has come out with a list of the most environmentally friendly cars. Asian car-makers Toyota and Honda once again come out on top. Is this the greenest car on the roads?This Toyota Prius Hybrid topped Germany's VCD Automobile Club's annual list of the most environmentally-friendly vehicles.  It was followed by another Toyota model, the iQ, and in third place the Honda Insight Hybrid. The VCD's been rating 300 car models each year for the past 20 years.  They measure the fuel used and emissions released for each kilometre driven.  Plus how noisy the car is.   The VCD's spokesman says the top three cars are all hybrids."

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