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Walnut Creek California Solar

Walnut Creek California Solar

Walnut Creek, California (and the surrounding East Bay/ Contra Costa area) is a prime location for solar projects because of the amount of sun and absence of forestry. In the Walnut Creek area there are excellent government financial incentives, as well as an abundance installation companies to choose from.

A few things to consider when deciding if solar installation is right for you:

How big is your roof? Standard solar panels come in 1-kilowatt rectangles that are approximately 100 square feet. One 1-kilowatt solar panel generally produces 1,800 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year (your PG&E bill can tell you how many kilowatt-hours you use on average). A 4 bedroom home will usually require 3-5 kilowatts (3-5 panels) in order to produce 75% or more of the electricity.

How does sunlight hit your house? A good solar installer will be able to help you maximize your solar production by appropriately placing your panels. Southward hitting sun will produce the most electricity. You must also take into account trees and buildings, that may decrease sun to your roof. You can also consider mounting your solar panels on the ground if you have a large, open yard. Walnut Creek and the rest of Contra Costa County generally receive lots of sunlight from all directions.

Can your roof handle PV panels? Solar panels can be installed on most types of roofs, but it is recommended that the roof be younger than 10 years old. Nothing would be worse than investing in solar installation and then having to take them all down to re-roof.

What tax incentives available? California incentives include a rebate per watt of installed solar panel (ranging for $1.10-$1.80/watt; remember 1kilowatt = 1,000 watts, so this rebate really adds up). And the feds allow you to claim 30% of the total cost of installation on your annual taxes, as well.

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Walnut Creek/ Contra Costa Solar Companies:

Snow Solar

(925) 681-3473

1930 Morello Ave

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Light Energy Systems

(925) 680-4343

965 Detroit Ave # D

Concord, CA 94518

Alcor Solar Specialists

(925) 825-5658

2655 Cloverdale Ave # A

Concord, CA 94518

Next Energy Corp

(925) 798-0600

1110 Burnett Ave

Concord, CA 94520

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